DeJam Reloaded the movie

£11.50 £16.50

Premiere Date and Location:
Tuesday 6th February 2024
Genesis Cinema Whitechapel
93-95 Mile End Rd, London E1 4UJ.
Doors open 7pm
Hey everyone! 🎬🎶 I'm excited to share with you all the details about 'DeJam Reloaded', a captivating comedy drama that follows the journey of aspiring DJ, ERIC, as he takes his last shot at pushing his career by attending the iconic DeJam festival in Antigua. The film promises a vibrant story, an exciting soundtrack, and stunning visuals of paradise Antigua, making it a must-watch for all music and festival lovers.
The film was shot during the actual DeJam Festival in September 2023, combining a fictional story with real parties and experiences in Antiguan Paradise. It's all about chasing your dreams and overcoming obstacles while exploring generational mindsets and the success of a black man in creating an international music festival. I truly believe in the aim of the film and can't wait for you all to experience the story it has to tell.

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